Poison Dart Frogs 


meet our team

Diana mcclain
Account Executive 
Camilo Vega Martinez
Michael Jones 
sales representative
brains, beauty and a strong desire to succeed. A business graduate, fluent in Spanish & English. Diana is passionate about connecting new clients with Poison dart Frogs Productions amazing services & facilities while managing those accounts all along the way.
CEO and creator of Poison  Dart Frogs 
camilo move to the USA from his home country of Colombia  with the goal of becoming a know Director, with a backround in acting  and photography it was intuitive for him to become a director .
Michael with extensive training in sales and customer service michael will give you have the neccesary infromation and resources need to get the greelight in any of you desier projects 
Kevin Sthormes
Marketing  manager
Bryan san miguel
director of photography
camila gomez
concet creator
amazing  photographer inspier by the skyline of atlanta bryan develope a strong visual sence making sure the picture is perfectly frame and the light is just in the right spot every time 
camila a graduate on audio visual arts is our go to person when creating a strong narrative that expresses the vision of our clients with an amazing skill in script writting 
kevin when to school for marketing with  pasion for conection people kevin works hard in delivering the best experience